The PROMIS Drug Detox Unit in The PROMIS Recovery Centre, is set in 5 acres of landscaped gardens and mature trees. Surrounded by the rolling farmland and woodland of the North Downs of Kent, our setting offers the peace and tranquillity for successful detoxification from all kinds of drug dependency

PROMIS believes that physical surroundings have an important impact on the quality of treatment and recovery. Being relaxed and having time to think is significantly helped by being in the right atmosphere.
The PROMIS Drug Detox Plus Programme has been specifically designed to allow those who require detoxification to do so in peaceful, comfortable surroundings with 24-hour nursing supervision and full medical support. PROMIS has over 9 years experience in providing safe, effective detoxification for over 1000 patients.
Our short structured programmes serve as ideal interventions for those experiencing any form of substance misuse. During the treatment period, PROMIS will endeavour to work in conjunction with the patient to formulate a Continued Recovery Plan incorporating appropriate rehabilitation, support and aftercare.

The aim of The PROMIS Detox Plus Programme is to start the individual on the road to successful recovery from their drug addiction.


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